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The Voice Project is a project that RHAP has developed in partnership with RuDASA, RuReSA, PACASA, MSF, The HIV Clinicians Society and S27. It aims to educate and capacitate health care workers from all levels of the public health system and all cadres within on how to identify, problem solve and report health system challenges.

The overall goal of The Voice Project is to increase the active engagement of HCWs in addressing health system challenges in a strategic and effective manner and to contribute to a strengthened, equitable health system for all South Africans. By doing so The Voice Project aspires to develop and grow a culture of HCW “change agents”, i.e. health care workers who are willing to challenge the status quo and speak out about health system failures; problem solve challenges; advance patient-centred solutions; and serve as leaders and influencers to colleagues.

A Voice Manual was developed which will inform several activities such as workshops, presentations and public debates. After a small pilot phase in 2014, where the training material presented at a number of workshops and presentations was well received by the participants, this project will be implemented on a small scale in 2015 to document effectiveness and to inform a potential larger-scale roll-out.